Local Issues

31 Mar

Fareham Borough Council supporting Food Bank Charity

About a week ago I learned that the Food Bank in Fareham would have to close temporarily as they were concerned about the health and wellbeing of their volunteers, some of whom identified as vulnerable. After discussions with them the trustees kindly agreed to release all of their food and future supermarket donations so it could be got out to the most needy in Fareham.

The Council offered a warehouse facility to local Charity, Acts Of Kindness Community (Solent), so that they could effectively set up a temporary food bank, and arrangements were made for all the food already donated to be moved from the former Food Bank to the new location.

I am delighted that Fareham Borough Council has been able to provide accommodation to Acts of Kindness to ensure that essential supplies of food to those in hardship in the Borough are able to be maintained.

I was pleased to take a day away from council duties at home yesterday to do some lorry driving and help load and move many tons of food from the food bank. This was a real community effort with dozens of Acts of Kindness volunteers with Kerry Snuggs teaming up with Solent Stars childrens motorcycle stunt team who lent their lorry and Joanne Bull to assist.

The Council will be moving many tons more tomorrow from storage to ensure that the food is got to where it is needed as soon as possible.

13 Mar


I have just heard that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has postponed the Borough Council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections which were due on 7th May for a year. I assume this will mean that Polling Day will now be Thursday 6th May 2021 coinciding with the County Council elections with the Councillors elected to Fareham Borough Council serving for three rather than four years. Existing Councillors will therefore continue for a fifth year.