A planning application has just been received for 38 houses in the countryside at Eyersdown Farm, Botley Road, Burridge which is next to Burridge Recreation Ground and Village Hall.. The planning application is viewable at http://www.fareham.gov.uk/casetrackerplanning/ApplicationDetails.aspx?reference=P/20/0506/OA&uprn=100062668205
It is totally contrary to a number of Local Plan policies as it sits in the countryside. The applicants were given a number of concerns by planning officers in both 2018 and 2019 regarding their proposals.
It sits on a road which, despite being a 30mph limit with flashing speed repeater signs has a poor accident record including several serious injuries. Bizarrely the planning application transport assessment claims the road to Botley is unrestricted (it is a 40mph limit outside Burridge).
The period for public comment runs until 7th August. Please do let me have copies of any comments to swoodward@fareham.gov.uk

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