Fareham Borough Council‘s new draft Local Plan is being consulted upon at the moment with a special edition of Fareham Today which has been delivered to the Borough’s 50,000 homes. http://www.fareham.gov.uk/latest_news/spring-2020.aspx

It has become clear that there is some patchiness in the delivery, particularly in the Swanwick/Burridge area which is currently being investigated with Royal Mail. In fact I haven’t even received a copy to my home!

Due to the fact that the majority of proposed allocations for the new plan of some 175 houses are in Swanwick and Park Gate and that the local Community Action Team (CAT) meeting has already happened (at Brookfield School) there will be an extra exhibition and CAT meeting on Thursday 20th February at the 1st Sarisbury Scout Hut at Botley Road, Burridge (adjacent Burridge Village Hall). The exhibition will be at 5pm followed by the CAT meeting at 6pm.

The deadline for comments on the draft plan is 1st March 2020. The local housing sites are Rookery Farm landfill site (150 houses) and a small site at 20 Botley Road, Park Gate for 5 houses.

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