A number of residents have asked me how the northerly access to the North of Whiteley development off Botley Road will work in the long term as the traffic is all being forced to turn left out necessitating a journey through Burridge and Swanwick to the Yew Tree Drive/Botley Road roundabout to turn around.

I can confirm that the current layout at the northern access is temporary and is to allow access, in the short term, to the show home only. All of the surfacing and road markings etc are sacrificial.

One of the of the internal roads requires a bridge to be built and the beams for this are being cast offsite and will be brought in during the early part of next year via the access on Botley Road. Unfortunately, both the crane and delivery vehicles carrying the beams will not be able to negotiate the junction once the islands, lighting and traffic lights have been installed.

The temporary arrangement has been safety audited and is considered suitable as a short-term arrangement. The developers have no authority at this point to occupy without the completion of further works and the junction will be completed as soon as the bridge beams are safely installed. This is currently anticipated to be around February/March 2020.

Hampshire County Council has two inspectors at North of Whiteley full time and will monitor the situation at both accesses onto Botley Road.

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