A number of residents have asked me for an update regarding the North of Whiteley Consortium dual carriageway works on Whiteley Way between Parkway South Roundabout (known as R1) and the Whiteley Way/Bluebell Way roundabout (known as R3) which need to be co-ordinated with the Hampshire County Council works to M27 junction 9 and Whiteley Way including R1.

Hampshire County Council received the preliminary design proposals from the Consortium’s designers earlier this year and this information is in the process of being reviewed by HCC Engineering Consultancy. When approved, the Consortium’s designers will have to submit a further package showing the detailed design of the scheme. Once this section package has approval, HCC will enter into a Section 278 legal agreement which gives the Consortium the necessary authority to undertake the works subject to road space availability. The Consortium has reported publicly its intention to commence works as soon as they have technical approval and a complete Section 278 agreement . I am sure the Consortium will give an update on this at the 19th February 2020 North of Whiteley Forum meeting.

With the HCC scheme at M27 Junction 9 and Parkway South Roundabout it is necessary that there is coordination between the HCC scheme and Consortium works as it is likely programmes will overlap. HCC has been meeting regularly with the Consortium on this point and continue to do so.

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