Local Issues

22 Feb


Barnes Lane will be subjected to roadworks with the first set starting on Monday.

Both sets of works are relating to the development at 123 Barnes Lane opposite Holly Hill Leisure Centre. A licence has been granted to build the vehicular crossing. This will involve 24-hour temporary signals being in place from 24th – 29th February.

There will then be a road closure in place to allow the foul and storm drainage to be installed. This will be during the Easter Holidays between 4th -19th April. The contractors are fully aware that they must be finished by Sunday 19th April as the schools return on Monday 20th April.

Holly Hill Leisure Centre will be open as usual.

20 Feb


Two very lively CAT meetings were held in the 1st Sarisbury Scout Hut at Burridge on Friday. Over 150 people from Burridge and Swanwick attended the meetings to talk about the consultation by Fareham Borough Council on the 2036 draft Local Plan.

Most of the questions were centred on a possible allocation of 150 houses at Rookery Farm recycling centre proposed by Raymond Brown with access to Swanwick Lane and Botley Road. I am very unhappy at the thought of an access onto Swanwick Lane if any development does go ahead here. A roundabout on Botley Road opposite Rookery Avenue would be the best solution. Originally hundreds of houses were proposed however the site is very constrained by landfill and the orchard hence the limit to 150 on the existing industrial part of the site.

Comments need to be with the Council by 1st March. https://www.fareham.gov.uk/…/loc…/localplanconsultation.aspx