Local Issues

29 Jan


I’m pleased to advise that a funding bid under the Government’s Rough Sleeping Initiative for 2020/21 has been successful, securing funding of £141,450 across Fareham and Gosport.

As background, in 2019 Fareham Borough Council made a successful bid for short term funding to help us tackle the issue of rough sleeping. We were able to increase the Outreach Service in Fareham with an additional 1.6FTE posts and a small personalisation fund. The posts are hosted by Two Saints and have been working alongside the ongoing service contracted from them.

These posts have made a significant difference to the level of support provided to rough sleepers and have been key to getting some rough sleepers into sustainable housing solutions. For example, in 2018 Fareham reported 19 rough sleepers which reduced to 10 in 2019.

We have been successful in a bid to continue the existing 1.6FTE Outreach roles for the next year but we have also now been granted funding to appoint a Complex Needs Navigator and an Accommodation Procurement Officer. Both roles will work across Fareham and Gosport offering more intensive support and will focus particularly on assisting those leaving prison and those with complex needs (such as substance misuse issues, mental health needs and behavioural challenges) to find and maintain suitable accommodation. The roles will work together to identify rough sleepers for whom traditional housing solutions are not working and to find other more bespoke housing options.

25 Jan

Partnership for South Hampshire Quality Place awards – Southampton

This is the 5th time The Partnership for South Hampshire has run these Quality Place awards. I am very pleased that this year the focus has been on Quality Place and not just the development of Iconic buildings. West Quay South is a very good example of placemaking. The project has transformed a site which was empty for 20 years into a major leisure venue, while opening up public space and enhancing the prominence of the mediaeval walls (a scheduled ancient monument). This is the type of project which makes a real difference to public perceptions of the city, the economy, and to local people. I would therefore like to congratulate all those involved in its delivery.

I presented the certificate to Councillor Christopher Hammond, Leader of Southampton City Council and Andy Collyer, Manager of West Quay.

25 Jan

Partnership for South Hampshire Quality Place awards – Portsmouth

I was pleased to be able to present the awards for the 5th year
for the Partnership for South Hampshire Quality Place awards. This year the focus was on Placemaking. Iconic buildings may be of interest to many, but delivering a project such as the Hotwalls in Portsmouth which both brings an at risk historic building into sustainable use and transforms an area making a real difference to people and businesses in the vicinity is more than just being of interest. It is essential to the coherence and development of our communities . I would therefore like to congratulate all those involved in delivering the Hotwalls.

The project was catalysed by a grant from the Partnership for South Hampshire capital programme. It also very good to see how the studios are being used by professional artists and makers and early stage creative businesses in ways that add to the vibrancy of the economy. The project was the winner in the People’s Choice category as a reult of a public vote.

In the picture I am presenting the certificate to Deniz Beck, the architect who designed the creative space while she was an employee of PLC Architects in Portsmouth and Councillor Steve Pitt, Deputy Leader of Portsmouth City Council.